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Etisalat Statement Regarding Suspension of BlackBerry Services in UAE

  08/02/10 08:35 am, by , Categories: General, Work

For all international travelers + company's with BB's in UAE:


Abu Dhabi, 01 August 2010, Etisalat was informed today by the UAE Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRA) to suspend BlackBerry services providing email, web browsing, instant messaging and social networking from October 11, 2010 until an acceptable solution can be developed and applied which brings the BlackBerry services in line with the UAE’s telecommunications regulations.

This is an important decision made by the Regulatory Authority and we fully understand the legal and social considerations behind the decision.

Etisalat has an obligation to act within the law and the regulations of the TRA, while at the same time, providing our customers with the best service. Etisalat has a significant share of customers in the UAE for its mobility services, including BlackBerry customers and hence it is very important for us to ensure our customers enjoy continuity of services.


Etisalat's focus at the current time is to make sure its valued customers experience continuity of mobility services.  In line with its commitment towards its customers, Etisalat will soon be announcing a range of alternative mobility products and services for its existing blackberry customers.


InterfaceFLOR news: 'War on waste' and EPD

  05/21/10 08:50 am, by , Categories: Personal, Work
At InterfaceFLOR we've recently been granted EPD's (Environmental Product Declaration) for our Flatworks range of Microtuft modular carpet tiles – which includes Scandinavian Collection, Straightforward and Elevation II, and contain 30-50% less oil-based yarn than other products – is the first product category to receive EPD validation.

EPDs follow a rigorous process in accordance with agreed industry standards. In addition to sharing what is typically confidential product information, we carried out a thorough life cycle assessment (LCA) for our products, in line with ISO 14040 standards. This covers everything from raw material extraction through to disposal or recycling at the end of the product's useful life.

EPD Product Life Cycle

Read more about it here.

And, we are waging a war on waste! Click the image below for more info.

War on Waste

Why not use one of these social media tools to tell more people about War on Waste?

De Groene Zaak officieel van start met InterfaceFLOR als founding partner

  02/15/10 02:43 pm, by , Categories: Work
Vandaag gaat De Groene Zaak officieel van start.
De Groene Zaak is een nieuwe vereniging van ondernemingen, waaronder InterfaceFLOR, in Nederland met een gezamenlijke ambitie: het sneller duurzaam maken van de Nederlandse economie, De Groene Zaak richt zich hierbij in de eerste plaats op de politiek en de overheid.

De Groene Zaak

Meer informatie hier en hier

BeNeLux OWASP Day 2009 - December 2nd

  11/26/09 11:25 am, by , Categories: Work, security
Next week, I'll be stepping out of my comfort zone and visit the BeNeLux OWASP Day 2009 with Tom.

It'll be a very interesting day on subjects that I think are underestimated in a lot of companies (including our own). We do have some protection in place, but after reading up on the subject over the last couple of weeks, I'm very much doubting we do enough.

I started checking our servers (hence my XSS Domino posts a week ago) and found out that we fail the test on our robots.txt. Elementry, but wrong. And that was just one test. So it'll be very intersting to learn more on the subject from the experts.

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is a worldwide free and open community focused on improving the security of application software. Our mission is to make application security visible, so that people and organizations can make informed decisions about true application security risks. Everyone is free to participate in OWASP and all of our materials are available under a free and open software license.

There are 20 seats available for this FREE event. You need to register up front.

The agenda for next week:

12:00 - 12:30Registration
12:30 - 15:30OWASP Live CD - WebGoat workshop - Erwin Geirnaert & Martin Knobloch
15:30 - 16:00Break
16:00 - 16:35Hybrid Analysis 2.0 - A demonstration of precision results correlation for improved software security testing - Roger Thornton
16:35 - 17:10Secure development (for a secure planet). - Eoin Keary
17:10 - 17:45SDLC pannel - Migchiel de Jong (Fortify), Bart De Win (Ascure), Florence Mottay (Cigital), moderator: Sebastien Deleersnyder (OWASP Foundation)
17:45 - 18:25Dinner (Sandwiches)
18:25 - 19:00SHA-3 Competition: The Quest for Long-Term Security in Cryptographic Hashing - Bart Preneel
19:00 - 19:35WAF and Business Logic Attacks - Noa Bar-Yosef'
19:35 - 20:10Compliance driven vulnerabilities - Colin Watson
20:10 - 20:40Break
20:40 - 21:15The OWASP Top 10 is dead, long live the OWASP Top 10 ! - Sebastien Deleersnyder
21:15 - 21:50Web Application Firewalls: Detection, Bypassing and Exploitation - Sandro Gauci

InterfaceFLOR number one in The SustainAbility Survey 2009

  11/05/09 03:40 pm, by , Categories: Personal, Work
Globescan has recently joined together with SustainAbility consulting group which means that the Globescan survey has changed in format and sample size.

From this year it will be called The Sustainability Survey and will be carried out only once a year and targets over 1600 environmental experts on a global basis - once again we have achieved first place. One of the main reasons for this is that we have a strongly embedded sustainability strategy within our corporate culture. Interface has been consistently been number one for 2006, 2007 , 2008 and now 2009; the most important thing to remember about this survey is that it looks for unprompted responses.

The Globescan survey of sustainability experts was launched in 1994 and it is a survey about the trends in sustainability, and gives strategic insights and predictions about the social and environmental global issues. (source: here )

Ray C. Anderson (Interface Inc.): Confessions of a Radical Industrialist

  09/15/09 08:25 am, by , Categories: Personal, Other, Work
Today, Ray Anderson, founder and chairman of Interface Inc. launches his new book: Confessions of a Radical Industrialist.

From the review on MacMillan (you can purchase the book there too):

In 1994, Interface founder and chairman Ray Anderson set an audacious goal for his commercial carpet company: to take nothingfrom the earth that can’t be replaced by the earth. Now, in the most inspiring business book of our time, Anderson leads the way forward and challenges all of industry to share that goal.

The Interface story is a compelling one: In 1994, making carpets was a toxic, petroleum-based process, releasing immense amounts of air and water pollution and creating tons of waste. Fifteen years after Anderson’s “spear in the chest” revelation, Interface has:
  • Cut greenhouse gas emissions by 82%
  • Cut fossil fuel consumption by 60%
  • Cut waste by 66%
  • Cut water use by 75%
  • Invented and patented new machines, materials, and manufacturing processes
  • Increased sales by 66%, doubled earnings, and raised profit margins

With practical ideas and measurable outcomes that every business can use, Anderson shows that profit and sustainability are not mutually exclusive; businesses can improve their bottom lines and do right by the earth.

You can meet Ray's in several locations in the USA and Canada or follow Ray on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and
For whom that do not know Ray Anderson, a short bio:

The story is now legend; the “spear in the chest” epiphany Ray Anderson experienced when he first read Paul Hawken’s, “The Ecology of Commerce” seeking inspiration for a speech to an Interface task force on the company’s environmental vision. Fifteen years and a sea change later, Interface, Inc., is approximately half way to it’s target of “Mission Zero,” the journey no one would have imagined for the company, or the petroleum-intensive industry of carpet manufacturing, which has been forever changed by Ray’s vision. His Georgia-based company, Interface, Inc., was recently ranked number one in a GlobeScan survey of sustainability experts.

The once captain of industry has eschewed his luxury car for a Prius and built an off-the-grid home, authored a 1998 book chronicling his epiphany, “Mid-Course Correction,” and has a new book chronicling his journey, “Confessions of a Radical Industrialist” coming in September 2009. He has become an unlikely screen hero in the 2004 Canadian documentary, “The Corporation.” He was named one of TIME International’s “Heroes of the Environment” in 2007.

He’s a sought after speaker and advisor on all issues eco, including a stint as co-chairman of the President’s Council on Sustainable Development and as an architect of the Presidential Climate Action Plan, a 100 day action plan on climate that was presented to the Obama Administration.

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Doing good by doing well

  06/30/09 12:06 pm, by , Categories: Work
As some of you might have found out while reading this blog, I work at InterfaceFLOR, the European devision of Interface.

Interface is world renown for being one of the most sustainable companies, with one of the most sustainable CEO's ever, Mr. Ray Anderson.
Today we had the pleasure of having mr. Anderson visit our plant and speak to us on how Interface became to company we currently are. Very interesting story to be heard and a bit strange to hear Ray "convict" himself for being a plunderer, a plunderer of the earth's resources that is.

Our company has a Mission Zero.

Our corporate vision is to become, by 2020, the first company to show, by its deeds, the entire industrial world what sustainability is in all its dimensions - people, process, product, place and profits. In doing so, we will become restorative. In other words, our intention is to put back more than we take out.

We aim to change our business from the traditional take / make / waste, to a cradle to cradle. (read more here)

Please watch the video below where you can see Ray Anderson on the business logic of sustainability. Yes people, it's really possible to make a profit while becomeing more aware of the environmental footprint of your company.

Why do we do al this? To protect tomorrow's child:

Tomorrow's Child
© Glenn Thomas
Without a name; an unseen face
and knowing not your time nor place
Tomorrow's Child, though yet unborn,
I met you first last Tuesday morn.

A wise friend introduced us two,
and through his sobering point of view
I saw a day that you would see;
a day for you, but not for me

Knowing you has changed my thinking,
for I never had an inkling
That perhaps the things I do
might someday, somehow, threaten you

Tomorrow's Child, my daughter-son
I'm afraid I've just begun
To think of you and of your good,
Though always having known I should.

Begin I will to weigh the cost
of what I squander; what is lost
If ever I forget that you
will someday come to live here too.

Be as inspired as we at Interface are...
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Do you promote your IT department?

  12/22/08 01:20 pm, by , Categories: Personal, General, Work
To often, I go to meetings from departments in my company, and discover that they don't have a clue what we can do for them (notes, but also other stuff).

Do you promote your possibilities? We've got an intranet page, but it's not updated so there is no drive to go and look at it.

Will a newsletter work? any suggestions on the subject?

Queen's Award for Enterprise: Sustainable Development 2008

  04/21/08 09:11 am, by , Categories: Work


Global modular flooring specialist InterfaceFLOR has been recognised by Her Majesty the Queen for its pioneering efforts to reduce its environmental footprint. The company is one of 139 to receive the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise and one of only 12 to receive an award within the ‘Sustainable Development’ category. This is the second time in the company’s history that it has won the accolade.

Lindsey Parnell, President and CEO of InterfaceFLOR (EMEAI) said of this latest accolade, "There are a number of business awards in the UK, but the Queen’s Award is one of, if not the most prestigious. To be honoured in this way is testament to the ongoing commitment of everyone within InterfaceFLOR to put sustainability at the core of our business.”

The company is recognised for having successfully managed to embed sustainability throughout its operations, making it central to its governance and management. It is also commended for the high benchmark it sets for its sector and beyond.

Since the mid-nineties, Interface has generated over $372 million in costs avoided and has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 82%. Total energy consumption has been reduced by 45% and the company uses 100% renewable electricity in its manufacturing in Europe.

Interface was one of the first companies to publicly commit to tackling climate change. In the mid-nineties, the company’s founder Ray Anderson decided to take the company away from the traditional approach of ‘take, make, waste’ towards one that mimics nature’s recurring cycles of recycling and re-using whatever waste is made. Furthermore, he set a target for the company to totally eliminate any negative impact it may have on the environment by 2020; he called this Mission Zero.

Lindsey Parnell continues, “Mission Zero plays a central role in our ethos and culture, underlining our commitment to consider the environmental impact of every creative and manufacturing decision we make. We realise that we still have some way to go before this vision becomes a reality but we are honoured that the Queen has recognised our achievements to date.”

Good to see all the initiatives taken by InterfaceFLOR to be recognised by such a prestigious award!

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