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WHO warns against homeopathy use

  08/21/09 08:54, by dennisvr, Categories: WooWooSceptic
Via the BBC: (nothing to add to this article from my side) People with conditions such as HIV, TB and malaria should not rely on homeopathic treatments, the World Health Organization has warned. It was responding to calls from young researchers who f… more »
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Video's of Connie Sonne's JREF preliminary test failure

  07/24/09 14:22, by dennisvr, Categories: WooWooSceptic
For those of you that read Sore loser: Connie Sonne (JREF Challenge at TAM7) the JREF has now posted the video's on youtube.Watch how closely the protocol is beiing followed by Banachek. How can you still say you where cheated? more »

Cold Reading & Helderziendheid

  07/16/09 22:13, by dennisvr, Categories: WooWooSceptic
Voor de mensen die zich willen inlezen in wat een steeds groter deel wordt van dit blog, skeptische posts over helderzienden, mediums, faithhealers en andere types, heb ik het volgende leesmateriaal. Op het blog van skepsis (hier) wordt uitleg gegeven o… more »

Sore loser: Connie Sonne (JREF Challenge at TAM7)

  07/14/09 11:21, by dennisvr, Categories: WooWooSceptic
After 1000 people watched her live, and 1700 watched her online via a live stream (I was watching too), she now claims to have been cheated when taking her preliminary test for the 1.000.000 dollar price.She aggreed to the testing protocol and to the bin… more »

The Amazing Meeting nr 7 (TAM7)

  07/11/09 00:39, by dennisvr, Categories: WooWooSceptic
For those of you wondering what TAM7 is, I'll explain: it is the biggest and most rational gathering on the planet: The Amaz!ng Meeting 7, a conference on critical thinking. Some of the speakers are: (list here) - offcourse the amazing randi himself, M… more »

JREF: Quacking like a duck

  05/08/09 09:00, by dennisvr, Categories: WooWooSceptic
In the current flu-mania, I'd like to add this story from the James Randi Educational Foundation. I'm a strong opposer of what James Randi like to call "Woo-Woo", and these things just prove my point. People want to be fooled. If you feel sick, and have… more »
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