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Workspace application now iphone/ipad ready

  09/29/10 15:19, by dennisvr, Categories: IBM, Lotus, Web
This morning I've fixed the workspace app (discussed here and here) to work on the iphone/ipad.It was a breeze, just added this jquery-ui-for-ipad-and-iphone and now it works. Very nice. more »

Live demo: Online Workspace application

  05/05/10 21:08, by dennisvr, Categories: Administration, IBM, Lotus, Development, Web, xpages
So, the application I teased about earlier is finally ready for a live demo. Because it uses a profile document to store which applications you add, it's behind a login. Username: Test Userpassword: testUrl: Workspace BetaThe app uses Xpages, SSJ… more »

Sneak preview: Xpages and jQuery app.

  04/15/10 13:26, by dennisvr, Categories: Lotus, Personal, Web, xpages
I've been working on this for a whil (heck, I'm an admin ;) ), so this is very much a W.I.P.Whishlist: 30 A4'sBuglist: 35 A4'sWhat does it do? It lists "tiles" that are listed in a view with a view control, stores the location of the tiles in a coo… more »

Odd: Swearing can reduce the feeling of pain

  07/13/09 11:18, by dennisvr, Categories: General, Web
From the telegraph website: It might be socially unacceptable, but an outburst of swearing after a DIY mishap or stubbing a toe can actually do some good. By Richard Gray, Science Correspondent Published: 8:00AM BST 12 Jul 2009 Scientists have dis… more »
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Just upgraded to Firefox 3.5

  07/01/09 09:41, by dennisvr, Categories: Lotus, Web
If you use the quickr plugin, don't do it just yet! more »

gmail borked again?

  03/10/09 10:40, by dennisvr, Categories: Web
It's slow, the dashboard says nothings wrong, but I'm looking at this all the time: Not good. more »

Google users hit by mail outage

  02/24/09 13:07, by dennisvr, Categories: General, Web
This one even has my girlfriend bugging me "Does it work for you?". No it doesn't Business and consumer users of Google's popular e-mail service were hit by an outage on Tuesday. The service went offline at 0930 GMT with Google saying it was "worki… more »
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Firefox 3 released!

  06/17/08 09:15, by dennisvr, Categories: Web
Visit the Firefox site to download it now! more »

Excelent article about SQL Injections

  05/09/08 08:51, by dennisvr, Categories: Other, Web
On the Domi-No-Yes-Maybe blog, Steve McDonagh has written an excelent article on SQL injections. Excelent reading material for admins & developers. more »
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