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Workspace application now iphone/ipad ready

  09/29/10 03:19 pm, by , Categories: IBM, Lotus, Web
This morning I've fixed the workspace app (discussed here and here) to work on the iphone/ipad.

It was a breeze, just added this jquery-ui-for-ipad-and-iphone and now it works. Very nice.

Live demo: Online Workspace application

  05/05/10 09:08 pm, by , Categories: Administration, IBM, Lotus, Development, Web, xpages
So, the application I teased about earlier is finally ready for a live demo. Because it uses a profile document to store which applications you add, it's behind a login.

Username: Test User
password: test

Url: Workspace Beta

The app uses Xpages, SSJS, Jquery, AJAX posts and a good old notesagent. You can add applications and drag/drop them where you want.

There still is a big list of issues, but, the basis is there.
I've provided some dummy apps you can add. The user has no rights what so ever on the system, but for a proof of concept that's enough.
Please provide feedback on what you think about this application.

Upd. (07-05-2010):
Even though there is no feedback so far, I've made the app even better, it can now hold any website as an icon too. (demo has google as an example).

Sneak preview: Xpages and jQuery app.

  04/15/10 01:26 pm, by , Categories: Lotus, Personal, Web, xpages
Upd.: It's live, see here for more info.

I've been working on this for a while (heck, I'm an admin ;) ), so this is very much a W.I.P.
Whishlist: 30 A4's
Buglist: 35 A4's

What does it do? It lists "tiles" that are listed in a view with a view control, stores the location of the tiles in a cookie (yep, that will become ajax post someday). Moving works, closing works.

It's a learning curve for me with new techniques such as Xpages and Jquery, and a "how did this work" experience in combining css with Xpages etc.

(No live demo available yet)

Odd: Swearing can reduce the feeling of pain

  07/13/09 11:18 am, by , Categories: General, Web
From the telegraph website:

It might be socially unacceptable, but an outburst of swearing after a DIY mishap or stubbing a toe can actually do some good.

By Richard Gray, Science Correspondent
Published: 8:00AM BST 12 Jul 2009

Scientists have discovered that uttering swear words can help to lessen the feeling of physical pain.
The study by researchers at Keele University found that volunteers were able to withstand pain for longer when they swore compared to when they used words which were not offensive.
Dr Richard Stephens, who conducted the study at the university's school of psychology, believes it may explain why swearing is still common place in languages around the world.

He suggests that swearing could have evolved as a way of raising aggression levels and reducing the feeling of pain to allow our ancestors to flee or fight back when attacked by predators. He said: "We think it could be part of the flight or fight response. In the volunteers who swore, we also found they had an elevated heart rate, so it could be increasing their aggression levels.

"Increased aggression has been shown to reduce people's sensitivity to pain, so it could be swearing is helping this process."

The researchers, whose findings are published in the journal NeuroReport, tested 64 students' tolerance to pain by asking them to submerge their hand in a tub of ice water for as long as they could while repeating a series of swear words of their choice.

They were then asked to carry out the task again while repeating non-offensive words they would use to describe a table. One subject, however, had to be excluded from the trial because they could not suggest any swear words.

They found that volunteers who swore were able to keep their hands submerged in the water for an average of 40 seconds longer. When questioned about their perceived pain they also rated it as being lower.

The researchers also measured the volunteers' heart rate and found that it increased while swearing.

Dr Stephens said that the result was the opposite of what they had expected as most psychologists suggest that swearing is a symptom of "catastrophism", where there the drama-queen inside everyone takes over.

He said: "Swearing is quite an emotional form of language and it is an almost universal human linguistic phenomenon.

"When my wife was in labour with our daughter she felt the need to f and blind at one point, but was very apologetic afterwards. The midwife said they were used to that kind of language on the delivery ward, so it got me thinking."

"Our research shows one potential reason why swearing has developed and why is persists."
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Just upgraded to Firefox 3.5

  07/01/09 09:41 am, by , Categories: Lotus, Web
If you use the quickr plugin, don't do it just yet!

Quickr & Firefox 3.5

gmail borked again?

  03/10/09 10:40 am, by , Categories: Web
It's slow, the dashboard says nothings wrong, but I'm looking at this all the time:


Not good.

Google users hit by mail outage

  02/24/09 01:07 pm, by , Categories: General, Web


This one even has my girlfriend bugging me "Does it work for you?". No it doesn't

Business and consumer users of Google's popular e-mail service were hit by an outage on Tuesday.

The service went offline at 0930 GMT with Google saying it was "working hard to resolve this problem".

Professional users of Google mail are covered by a service level agreement that promises to be 99.9% operational in any calendar month.

More than 113 million people use Google mail worldwide, according to comScore.

In a statement, Google said "a number of users" were having problems with Google Mail.

"We know how important GMail is to our users so we take this very seriously," it added.

Google directed people to its mail support page for further status updates.

Some users reported that Google Mail was working on G1 mobile phones, which are powered by Google's Android operating system.
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Firefox 3 released!

  06/17/08 09:15 am, by , Categories: Web
Visit the Firefox site to download it now!

Excelent article about SQL Injections

  05/09/08 08:51 am, by , Categories: Other, Web
On the Domi-No-Yes-Maybe blog, Steve McDonagh has written an excelent article on SQL injections.

Excelent reading material for admins & developers.

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