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Removing a full text index on a server

  07/13/09 11:42, by dennisvr, Categories: SNTT, Lotus, Development
I've whipped up this little code after searching the web on how to use the C-api. It's actually easier then I thought, but I'm sharing it anyway. 'Remove FTI: Declare Function FTDeleteIndex Lib "nnotes.dll" (Byval hDB As Long) As Integer Dec… more »

[SNTT] Notes 8 Design and Data compression

  02/29/08 08:56, by dennisvr, Categories: SNTT, Lotus
Ok, so it's a friday, but I'll go ahead with the tag anyway. Today I conducted a little test on my 8.0.1 testserver to see what the gain would be if I enabled data and/or design compression. See the table below: CompressionSizeGain/Loss % My… more »

Usefull tools.

  02/22/08 13:38, by dennisvr, Categories: SNTT, IBM, Lotus
I'd like to share some "tools" I use on a day to day basis as a Notes Admin GSX Monitor, really usefull overview of all servers,servertasks etc Chad Smiley's Edit Document fields, really usefull for changing field values. Caliton Docinfo, the d… more »
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