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*tap* *tap* is this thing on?

  09/14/12 08:30 am, by , Categories: Personal, General
Yes, this is another one of those "I'm not dead" posts, but hey, I'm not dead. It's just that life & work got in the way of this blog.
Now that the darker day's are coming upon us, I plan to complete my Installing Domino from scratch-series. Any remarks on the current chapters or future chapters is very welcome and will be used.

So for now some more silence, but expect updates over the coming weeks.

IBM Lotus Quickr 8.5 for Domino Administration book is out!

  02/23/11 11:18 am, by , Categories: IBM, Lotus, Personal, Quickr
This is an excellent book (I should know, I reviewed it ;) ) for admins/business analysts to get to grips with Quickr 8.5 features and possibilities.

And, the good people at Packt currently are offering 20% discounts as well!! Read all about it here.

From the Packt site

When the IT strategy calls for maximizing the value of social software for building effective teams, neither social networking nor team collaboration is sufficient on its own. Lotus Quickr Team Collaboration software delivers the promise of social software; but ensuring that a business's social networking site is compliant can be daunting. This book will help you ensure effective and efficient team collaboration by building a solid social infrastructure with IBM Lotus Quickr 8.5.

The book will familiarize system administrators with all the information they need to install, upgrade, and manage IBM Lotus Quickr 8.5. You will also learn to leverage social software principles to foster diverse teams in an interconnected world. This book will help you break virtual boundaries and remove the impediments to the development of high-performance teams through the use of IBM Lotus Quickr 8.5.

This practical book starts off by providing you with a clear, detailed walkthrough of key concepts including collaboration beyond document management, and adopting social collaboration in an enterprise.

We then examine the product architecture of Lotus Quickr services and provide a walkthrough of deployment aspects of Lotus Quickr to provide a scalable environment through clustering. We cover some of the basic tools used to set up and manage the IBM Lotus Quickr server along with unique methods for upgrading to the latest 8.5 version. We provide you with an in-depth look at the concepts of Lotus Quickr Connectors deployment, management, and a new capability around Windows-based single sign-on to solve a variety of problems.

By the end of this book, you will be able to build a well-executed social collaboration platform that delivers the productivity edge needed to succeed in the digitally interconnected business world of today.

Install, configure, and maintain IBM Lotus Quickr 8.5 from a single location in an interconnected world

What you will learn from this book :

  • Integrate social networking tools such as blogs, wikis, social bookmarking, and talent profiles seamlessly through Lotus Quickr
  • Discover the foundational concepts around Team Collaboration in an enterprise
  • Explore the product architecture of Lotus Quickr Services for Lotus Domino and some potential deployment topologies that can be leveraged
  • Install, configure, maintain, and troubleshoot a clustered environment with Lotus Quickr
  • Understand some of the most used administrative functions of Lotus Quickr for Domino
  • Upgrade your IBM Lotus Quickplace and Quickr services to the new version 8.5
  • Manage Quickr place and placetypes in a Lotus Quickr Domino environment
  • Provide your organization with themes for its projects and clients through customizations
  • Manage collaborative content directly from inside your traditional desktop products with Lotus Quickr Connectors


This is a step-by-step manual, with explanation from installation and upgrading, to the development and management of Quickr, to what-to-do-next when you finally have everything set up. It discusses problems that you might face while upgrading to the latest version. The authors show you how to get the most out of the most important features including installing, configuring, maintaining, and troubleshooting a clustered environment with Lotus Quickr.

Who this book is written for

This is a step-by-step manual for System Administrators and Business Analysts who need to facilitate the effective and efficient performance of diverse teams in an interconnected world. It can also be read by Management to gain a high-level understanding of the new features and capabilities offered by the product. You don't require any knowledge of IBM Lotus Quickr 8.5. This book will teach you everything you need to know.

Well recommended.


Sending the elevator down (#ls11)

  02/06/11 07:04 pm, by , Categories: Administration, IBM, Lotus, Personal, General
Kevin Spacey's talk inspired me to this. For the last 6/7 years I've been reading other people's blogs/technotes/helpfiles and release notes trying to become a better admin.

Now the time has come to send the elevator down. If you are a junior admin or a developer with a admin question: my mailbox is open and I'll try to make you an expert too! (or point you in the right direction ;-) )

InterfaceFLOR news: 'War on waste' and EPD

  05/21/10 08:50 am, by , Categories: Personal, Work
At InterfaceFLOR we've recently been granted EPD's (Environmental Product Declaration) for our Flatworks range of Microtuft modular carpet tiles – which includes Scandinavian Collection, Straightforward and Elevation II, and contain 30-50% less oil-based yarn than other products – is the first product category to receive EPD validation.

EPDs follow a rigorous process in accordance with agreed industry standards. In addition to sharing what is typically confidential product information, we carried out a thorough life cycle assessment (LCA) for our products, in line with ISO 14040 standards. This covers everything from raw material extraction through to disposal or recycling at the end of the product's useful life.

EPD Product Life Cycle

Read more about it here.

And, we are waging a war on waste! Click the image below for more info.

War on Waste

Why not use one of these social media tools to tell more people about War on Waste?

Sneak preview: Xpages and jQuery app.

  04/15/10 01:26 pm, by , Categories: Lotus, Personal, Web, xpages
Upd.: It's live, see here for more info.

I've been working on this for a while (heck, I'm an admin ;) ), so this is very much a W.I.P.
Whishlist: 30 A4's
Buglist: 35 A4's

What does it do? It lists "tiles" that are listed in a view with a view control, stores the location of the tiles in a cookie (yep, that will become ajax post someday). Moving works, closing works.

It's a learning curve for me with new techniques such as Xpages and Jquery, and a "how did this work" experience in combining css with Xpages etc.

(No live demo available yet)

All the best for a happy but more importantly a healthy 2010

  01/02/10 02:52 pm, by , Categories: Personal
As my newyears eve brought bad news, my grandma having her second stroke in 6 months, and a subsequent visit to her that brought tears to my eyes, I want to wish all my readers a very healthy 2010.

InterfaceFLOR number one in The SustainAbility Survey 2009

  11/05/09 03:40 pm, by , Categories: Personal, Work
Globescan has recently joined together with SustainAbility consulting group which means that the Globescan survey has changed in format and sample size.

From this year it will be called The Sustainability Survey and will be carried out only once a year and targets over 1600 environmental experts on a global basis - once again we have achieved first place. One of the main reasons for this is that we have a strongly embedded sustainability strategy within our corporate culture. Interface has been consistently been number one for 2006, 2007 , 2008 and now 2009; the most important thing to remember about this survey is that it looks for unprompted responses.

The Globescan survey of sustainability experts was launched in 1994 and it is a survey about the trends in sustainability, and gives strategic insights and predictions about the social and environmental global issues. (source: here )

Ray C. Anderson (Interface Inc.): Confessions of a Radical Industrialist

  09/15/09 08:25 am, by , Categories: Personal, Other, Work
Today, Ray Anderson, founder and chairman of Interface Inc. launches his new book: Confessions of a Radical Industrialist.

From the review on MacMillan (you can purchase the book there too):

In 1994, Interface founder and chairman Ray Anderson set an audacious goal for his commercial carpet company: to take nothingfrom the earth that can’t be replaced by the earth. Now, in the most inspiring business book of our time, Anderson leads the way forward and challenges all of industry to share that goal.

The Interface story is a compelling one: In 1994, making carpets was a toxic, petroleum-based process, releasing immense amounts of air and water pollution and creating tons of waste. Fifteen years after Anderson’s “spear in the chest” revelation, Interface has:
  • Cut greenhouse gas emissions by 82%
  • Cut fossil fuel consumption by 60%
  • Cut waste by 66%
  • Cut water use by 75%
  • Invented and patented new machines, materials, and manufacturing processes
  • Increased sales by 66%, doubled earnings, and raised profit margins

With practical ideas and measurable outcomes that every business can use, Anderson shows that profit and sustainability are not mutually exclusive; businesses can improve their bottom lines and do right by the earth.

You can meet Ray's in several locations in the USA and Canada or follow Ray on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and
For whom that do not know Ray Anderson, a short bio:

The story is now legend; the “spear in the chest” epiphany Ray Anderson experienced when he first read Paul Hawken’s, “The Ecology of Commerce” seeking inspiration for a speech to an Interface task force on the company’s environmental vision. Fifteen years and a sea change later, Interface, Inc., is approximately half way to it’s target of “Mission Zero,” the journey no one would have imagined for the company, or the petroleum-intensive industry of carpet manufacturing, which has been forever changed by Ray’s vision. His Georgia-based company, Interface, Inc., was recently ranked number one in a GlobeScan survey of sustainability experts.

The once captain of industry has eschewed his luxury car for a Prius and built an off-the-grid home, authored a 1998 book chronicling his epiphany, “Mid-Course Correction,” and has a new book chronicling his journey, “Confessions of a Radical Industrialist” coming in September 2009. He has become an unlikely screen hero in the 2004 Canadian documentary, “The Corporation.” He was named one of TIME International’s “Heroes of the Environment” in 2007.

He’s a sought after speaker and advisor on all issues eco, including a stint as co-chairman of the President’s Council on Sustainable Development and as an architect of the Presidential Climate Action Plan, a 100 day action plan on climate that was presented to the Obama Administration.

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Blog is back

  05/01/09 03:12 pm, by , Categories: Personal, Other
After a nasty virus, a hacked server and even worse, a hacked site, we're back. I'm working on the images, I didn't have a recent backup (I know, I could fit on the worst practices slides), but I'll see what I can find. Normal service will resume shortly.

Do you promote your IT department?

  12/22/08 01:20 pm, by , Categories: Personal, General, Work
To often, I go to meetings from departments in my company, and discover that they don't have a clue what we can do for them (notes, but also other stuff).

Do you promote your possibilities? We've got an intranet page, but it's not updated so there is no drive to go and look at it.

Will a newsletter work? any suggestions on the subject?



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