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Ray C. Anderson (Interface Inc.): Confessions of a Radical Industrialist

  09/15/09 08:25, by dennisvr, Categories: Personal, Other, Work
Today, Ray Anderson, founder and chairman of Interface Inc. launches his new book: Confessions of a Radical Industrialist. From the review on MacMillan (you can purchase the book there too): In 1994, Interface founder and chairman Ray Anderson s… more »
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The new Iphone 3G"Ass"

  06/11/09 09:35, by dennisvr, Categories: Other, Mac
Made me smile more »

Blog is back

  05/01/09 15:12, by dennisvr, Categories: Personal, Other
After a nasty virus, a hacked server and even worse, a hacked site, we're back. I'm working on the images, I didn't have a recent backup (I know, I could fit on the worst practices slides), but I'll see what I can find. Normal service will resume shortly… more »

Secunia PSI makes patching insecure programs easy for all

  10/29/08 16:26, by dennisvr, Categories: Uncategorized, Other
It's an excelent tool to see what needs to be patched. Highly recommended (offcourse now I've switched to a mac I don't need it anymore ;) ) more »

I did it....

  08/03/08 21:40, by dennisvr, Categories: Personal, Other, Mac
I Bought an Imac. I know, its not a full Mac or a macbook, but I've got to start somewhere. The problem: it's been sitting in my garage for 2 weeks, staring at me, as I'm moving house at the moment (hence the silence, no internet). After our new de… more »

Excelent article about SQL Injections

  05/09/08 08:51, by dennisvr, Categories: Other, Web
On the Domi-No-Yes-Maybe blog, Steve McDonagh has written an excelent article on SQL injections. Excelent reading material for admins & developers. more »

Problem with Composite application editor question

  04/04/08 17:55, by dennisvr, Categories: IBM, Other
I (the admin) was trying to work my way through the Building composite applications for IBM Lotus Notes V8, and I get stuck at the following error: I'm trying to add a "NSF Component" to a composite application but every time I try and select the data… more »

Which God am I?

  04/01/08 12:03, by dennisvr, Categories: Other
I am the Ancient Greek God: Hephaestus Greek Gods Quiz You are the god: Hephaestus Hephaestus is the God of many trades: technology, Blacksmithing, artisanship, craftsmanship, fire, and metals. Son of Hera, Hephaestus crafted weaponry for m… more »


  01/18/08 13:36, by dennisvr, Categories: Lotus, Other
Do you bleedyellow? A fantastic new site for the community! Superb from lotus911! more »

Why another blog?

  10/18/07 13:14, by admin, Categories: Uncategorized, Personal, Other
I don't know myself.... I've tried one before, and failed miserably. I do hope to give something back to the community which has thought me a lot over the years. (Oh yeah, the site isn't on domino, as I currently don't have a server available) I… more »
Yet another Domino/Websphere Admin blog.

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