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8.5 FP 1 Inconsistant naming part 2

  09/18/09 13:31, by dennisvr, Categories: IBM, Mac
You could call this nitpicking, but after my first post on the subject I've found another inconsistency. On the servers this time. more »
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Re: Snow leopard and 8.5 FP1: some missing icons

  09/15/09 15:10, by dennisvr, Categories: Lotus, Mac
In my previous post I mentioned missing icons in Snow Leopard. After upgrading my template to 8.5 the icons have reappeared. more »

Snow leopard and 8.5 FP1: some missing icons

  09/07/09 09:20, by dennisvr, Categories: IBM, Lotus, Mac
Last week, I got an email from Steve, with the following question: Hi Dennis...long time Mac user here running 10.6 and Lotus Notes 8.5 I've come across a few glitches since going to Snow Leopard...such as missing icons in mail views, etc. Just wo… more »

Apple made a booboo in Snow Leopard

  09/03/09 12:08, by dennisvr, Categories: Mac
Snow Leopard Ships with Insecure Version of Flash Player.Read it and weep. Not good!! more »

8.5 FP 1 Inconsistant naming

  08/11/09 10:55, by dennisvr, Categories: IBM, Lotus, Mac
It may be nitpicking, but it still remains inconsistant. If you create a policy document containing a version number, please note the subtile difference between the 2 highlighted entries in my person doc. more »

Security Update 2009-003 / Mac OS X v10.5.8 fixes security issues with images

  08/06/09 11:22, by dennisvr, Categories: Mac
Via Appleinsider: (full bulletin here) <snip> Apple released the next -- and potentially last -- upgrade to its Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard operating system Wednesday afternoon, bringing minor tweaks before the debut of Snow Leopard in September. T… more »

The new Iphone 3G"Ass"

  06/11/09 09:35, by dennisvr, Categories: Other, Mac
Made me smile more »

Mac convert? This tool will help

  05/09/09 11:53, by dennisvr, Categories: Mac
I've switched to a Mac at home, but there is one habit that doesn't die: maximizing windows. That was the biggest problem I encountered when I switched: I want to be in control. But now, I can with this tool, Right Zoom. Right Zoom for Mac 1.6 - freewa… more »
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A great day in history

  01/21/09 14:21, by dennisvr, Categories: Mac
Made me giggle more »

I did it....

  08/03/08 21:40, by dennisvr, Categories: Personal, Other, Mac
I Bought an Imac. I know, its not a full Mac or a macbook, but I've got to start somewhere. The problem: it's been sitting in my garage for 2 weeks, staring at me, as I'm moving house at the moment (hence the silence, no internet). After our new de… more »
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