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Top gear's new season starts this sunday!

  11/13/09 01:08 pm, by , Categories: Cars
Sunday, Top Gear, 22.00 (GMT + 1), BBC2.
Be prepared for a whole new season of fun ;-)

See here for a full listing of the coming season.
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Top Gear returns this Sunday!

  10/31/08 04:00 pm, by , Categories: Cars


It’s a busy one this week for the telly boys - aside from that gong last night, there’s tonight’s Top Gear Live opener and, of course, Sunday’s first-in-the-new-series show. Yep, we’re back on Sunday at 8pm on BBC Two - giving you just enough time to cook some tea after the big F1 finale in Brazil. So that’ll be after Alonso punts Lewis into the grass and Massa gets wiped out duelling with Kimi. Or something like that. Anyway, back to the main event. The new series kicks off with Jeremy power testing a scary Porsche 911, along with a tame Lamborghini Gallardo and a surprisingly talented Labrador. Then the boys wonder how hard it is to be a truck driver - and the ponder this for long enough to buy three lorries and take on a series of challenges. Oh, and the star in our reasonably priced car is chat show legend Michael Parkinson. Think he’s got a book out or something. So that’s Sunday, 8pm on BBC Two. After the Lewis warm-up act. If you want a taster, check out our preview video.

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