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Module 4: Installing Lotus Notes Admin/Designer Client

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Module 4: Installing Lotus Notes Admin/Designer Client

We've now setup our first server and now we need to install one of 3 versions of Lotus Notes clients. IBM kept it "simple".
  1. IBM Lotus Notes Basic Classic "Lightweight" client
  2. IBM Lotus Notes "new" fully functional Eclipse based client
  3. IBM Lotus Notes Designer/Admin client Same as previous, but with possibilities to install Admin/Designer functionalities.
More information about this here. We have to download the following file:
Admin Designer client

Before we go to install the Lotus Notes Admin/Designer client, let's stop the Domino server. Enter the Command quit in the Domino Console screen, and press Send.
Shutdown Domino Server
Wait for the text "Server shutdown completed" to appear.
Shutdown Domino Server Completed
Now exit the Domino Console screen, checking the "Also stop server controller and server testsetup/TST".
Close Domino Console
Now we can install the Lotus Notes Admin/Designer client. Doubleclick the executable, accept the UAC
Unpack files
After the unpack is complete, the actual installation is started
License Agreement
install path
Accept the default path for now (remember, we are not supposed to install it on the server anyway ;-) )
Install options
Make sure you check the items as I just did. You do not want Symphony on a server.
Notes defaults
Accept the defaults, now the install starts. This can take a while.
Now the install has been completed, let's start the server first (start the service or double click the icon on the desktop). When the server's running (check via the Lotus Domino Console), start Lotus Notes so we can fill in the details.
Double click the Lotus Notes icon. You'll get prompted by the configuration wizard.
First run Notes client
User details
Enter your Admin name + servername here.
Password prompt
Enter your password.
Additional options
Accept the defaults and click Finish.
Notes Client
Congratulations, you've now installed your first Lotus Notes client. In the next chapter we'll explain the usage of the 3 clients, and get into administration for our server/users.
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Aaagglllh! The default path for Notes data will render Designer useless. Especially on 64Bit Win7. You *must* point it somewhere outside "Program Files". Best follow the sample of a standard client "shared install" and put it into the user profile. Also move the notes.ini there and make sure you start from that directory in the shortcut (I think that works by default). This way you can keep program files read only.
05/09/12 @ 06:50 pm
Comment from:
5 stars
Thanks Stefan ;-) I will correct this in the "how to do this the right way" chapter!
05/09/12 @ 07:37 pm
Comment from: saravanan  
5 stars
Very Help Full
12/07/12 @ 09:10 am

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