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Installing Lotus Domino from Scratch

  05/09/12 11:24 am, by , Categories: Administration, IBM, Lotus, article
Being in the community for a while as a "consumer" of all the knowledge the smart people share, I made this post on my blog last year after Lotusphere.

I feel I haven't done enough since, so I'm going all out for this. I'm going to try and make a complete Installation and Configuration manual, based on the best practices, security and tuning I've read/seen over the years. I hope this might get us some more starting admins/devs interested in the Lotus Notes/Domino scene.

Today (9-5-2012) I'm releasing the first 4 chapters. Not much in them if you know the product, but they are a basis I will expand on in later chapters.

So here we go, first off, the legal bit:

This document may contain the following copyrighted, trademarked, and/or restricted terms:
IBM® Lotus® Domino®, IBM® Lotus® Notes®, IBM Lotus Symphony®, LotusScript®, Microsoft® Windows®, Microsoft Excel®, Microsoft Office®,Linux®, Java®, Adobe® Acrobat®, Adobe Flash®

Then, the thank you's for the people I borrowed the information from, or who educated me and the community over the years (in random order):
Paul Mooney,Chris Miller,Gabriella Davis,Bill Buchan,Kathy Brown,Jess Stratton,Andy Pedisich,Rob Axelrod,Daniel Nashed,(list to be completed)

The content isn't new or mine, I've just bundled it.

Now for the content.
I've split the process up to make reading/writing easier.

Completed Chapters:
(Please ignore the low quality screenshots in the first 2 chapters, I lost my screenshots and had to make screenshots of the screenshots in the browser I had open)

The content is undergoing updates all the time, but if you have any suggestions/tips/improvements/complaints, please let me know.
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Hi Dennis - brilliant effort. Only suggestion I would have is a sub domain or easy place to get to the posts without mixing them with your other blog posts?
05/09/12 @ 01:02 pm
Comment from: Lars Olufsen
5 stars
Excellent idea, Dennis. This should really be a RedWiki, but it's great that you are taking the time to put all this great info together.
05/09/12 @ 01:11 pm
Comment from:
5 stars
Paul: idea is good. I might look into that one. Lars: Thanks, it's taking a lot of time indeed, and these where the easy chapters ;-)
05/09/12 @ 01:26 pm
5 stars
Dennis, that's really needed. Please consider wrapping up this as a wiki article later.
05/09/12 @ 01:34 pm
Comment from: Jesper Clausen
5 stars
Well done... I agree with Lars about the RedWiki-thing. Keep up the good work.
05/09/12 @ 01:53 pm
Comment from:
5 stars
Thanks guys! After completion I'll look into the RedWiki sharing. First there's chapters and chapters and chapters to write ;-)
05/09/12 @ 02:05 pm
5 stars
As a dev I expect to learn lots of new stuff. Now that should not be too difficult ;) Keep up the good work!
05/09/12 @ 04:54 pm
Comment from:
5 stars
Chris: as a notes dev you can use this as a starting point:$file/BLUG-AdminForTheDeveloper.odp (by Jess Stratton/Kathy Brown)
05/09/12 @ 05:32 pm

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