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'Set Config' parameter does not alter the parameter in the Domino server configuration document

  04/24/12 08:14 am, by , Categories: Administration, IBM, Lotus
One in the category: "I didn't know that notes.ini setting":

Technote (FAQ)

When you issue a "set config" command at the Domino™ server console (for example, "set config server_restricted=2") to change the value of an existing Notes.ini parameter, the value change for the parameter is not reflected in the Configuration document. The Configuration document parameter stays the same, and soon afterwards the parameter reverts back to its old value.

This issue was reported to Lotus software Quality Engineering; however, it was determined not to be a software problem. To have such console commands be reflected in the Configuration document, you need to do one of two things:

1. Set ENABLE_SRVCFG_NAB_UPDATE=1 in your Notes.ini; or

2. Pass in the keyword "update" on the SET CONFIG command, such as "set config server_restricted=0 update"
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Great hint, thx a lot !!!
04/24/12 @ 06:29 pm
Comment from: rajesh haran
Hi Dennis, If you add 'update' at the end of your argument, it will update the config document. example: Set ENABLE_SRVCFG_NAB_UPDATE=1 update technote from IBM:
04/24/12 @ 07:10 pm
Comment from:
Rajesh: That's exactly what the technotes says ;-) (I forgot to add the link)
04/24/12 @ 07:21 pm

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