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Making Sametime work on iOS

  02/01/12 08:57 am, by , Categories: Administration, IBM, Lotus, Sametime
*warning: high sarcasm levels*

We wanted to use the Sametime iOS client for our iPad, so we installed Sametime 8.5.2 and applied IFR 1. Then we created PMR's, PMR's, PMR's and PMR's, and now I can inform you of the "well documented" steps you have to take after installing the software.

Step 0: Get the latest version of the iOS app (or install updates). There are some mighty important fixes in there (part of which coming from my forementioned PMR's).

Step 1: Creating a Proxy Server database to support iPhone clients after installing Interim Feature Release 1

Step 2: Push Notifications not working

Step 3: Opening ports to support iPhone clients.
Do not look at the Ports used by Sametime servers document, cause the ports you need to open are only mentioned in a comment, not in the official list.

So, after you've done this, you will actually get your iOS clients to work.
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Comment from: Jim Soper
5 stars
Big Up Vote! The worst upgrade/patch/whatever you want to call it! Great idea and great "once" it's working, however I'm surprised you don't have also donate blood in order to get it working! They should have a PMR Award given out at Lotusphere to the company with the most PMR's opened, lol
02/01/12 @ 04:07 pm
Comment from:
5 stars
I did perform some voodoo rituals and made some animal sacrifices, but I didn't want to go to much into detail ;-)
02/01/12 @ 05:13 pm

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