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Fixing routing errors: "No route found to Domain from Server, Check Server, Connection and Domain documents in the Domino Directory."

  11/29/10 11:28, by dennisvr, Categories: Administration, Lotus
Please note: completely unsupported, but it works.

Last week, one of our Corporate Domino domain's (outside my control) suffered routing issues. After a brief discussion, we decided to route all email through my Domain. There was one little problem: 700-1000 emails with the following error, that where going to bounce....

After quickly stopping the router task on my server, I thought of a possible solution for this, to make sure the messages would route. With the help from Tom, we created a Formula agent, to restore the state of the messages.

SELECT @All; FIELD Recipients:=IntendedRecipient; FIELD SMTPDSNDate:=@DeleteField; FIELD SMTPDSNDeliveryReason:=@DeleteField; FIELD SMTPDSNDeliveryStatus:=@DeleteField; FIELD SMTPDSNFrom:=@DeleteField; FIELD SMTPDSNType:=@DeleteField; FIELD FailureReason:=@DeleteField; FIELD Form:="Memo";
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After this, we started the router task and all messages went to the originally intended recipients!

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Comment from: Michael de Haas
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Thanks Dennis.
11/29/10 @ 14:00
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