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8.5.2 sametime window problem

  09/22/10 09:04 am, by , Categories: IBM, Lotus, Sametime
I've got a problem with my 8.5.2 client. The embedded sametime client window won't remember my size preferences, but returns to default everytime.


After resize:

Close and reopen:

Does anyone have a solution for this?
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Yes, and another "big bug design" is the drop down menu right to the icons. Users DON'T KNOW there are more icons out there. So please Notes Design Team, redesign the icons toolbar. Perhaps, we need a ribbon ! :))
09/22/10 @ 09:30 am
Comment from:
So it's PMR time again? ;-)
09/22/10 @ 09:45 am
This doesn't happen to me! But I've upgraded my embedded Sametime Client to Sametime 8.5.1 for Lotus Notes 8.5.x
09/22/10 @ 01:49 pm
Comment from: Deb Carpenter  
We've run across the same thing and have found a work around. If you turn off the tabbed feature for the Sametime window and go back into a chat session, resize your window to how you want it and then go back into your preferences to change back to tabbed sametime window, the size will stick.
12/02/10 @ 04:45 pm
Comment from:
5 stars
Thanks Deb I'll give it a go tomorrow, and get back to you!
12/02/10 @ 09:21 pm
Comment from:
5 stars
It works Deb!!! Super!
12/03/10 @ 09:06 am
Comment from: Sayantan
5 stars
It works great
03/30/11 @ 12:35 am

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