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Sneak preview: Xpages and jQuery app.

Permalink 04/15/10 13:26, by Dennis van Remortel, Categories: Lotus, Personal, Web, xpages
Upd.: It's live, see here for more info.

I've been working on this for a while (heck, I'm an admin ;) ), so this is very much a W.I.P.
Whishlist: 30 A4's
Buglist: 35 A4's

What does it do? It lists "tiles" that are listed in a view with a view control, stores the location of the tiles in a cookie (yep, that will become ajax post someday). Moving works, closing works.

It's a learning curve for me with new techniques such as Xpages and Jquery, and a "how did this work" experience in combining css with Xpages etc.

(No live demo available yet)
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