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Sametime 8.5 system console installer problem

  12/29/09 04:56 pm, by , Categories: IBM, Lotus, Sametime
I've been trying to install the sametime system console and I keep getting errors.

The internet is no help as it seems noone has actually tried installing the monster yet.

I've attached the XML file you can generate from the installer. >> installfailure.xml <<

The errors as reported in the log:

The following validation errors were present with the command line arguments: profileName: Action can not be executed while server is running

Any suggestions? It happens near the end of the install process.

Chris & Carl where right. Another try, another error.

I've opened a PMR. I'm done trying.
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I see different errors, and little knowledge yet about it all. trial and error.
12/29/09 @ 05:21 pm
Comment from:
I was affraid it might come to that, but after 4 lenghty tries I decided to make a post on it ;)
12/29/09 @ 05:30 pm
I've had this happen to me a few times. I do not know the reason why, and I reported it during the beta. Basically I end up going back to a snapshot and doing it again and it works. I would love to know the cause of this. I have found the Sametime 8.5 installs very flaky, install it on a Tuesday and it works, do the same the next day and it doesn't no rhyme or reason, and very few technotes to help us yet. It's going to be interesting to read peoples experiences with the websphere install componets. The IM and Community Domino stuff is still easy (even has uninstall).
12/29/09 @ 06:01 pm
Comment from:
To bad I don't have a snapshot. I guess it's going to be a total reinstall then. The errors are absolutely useless to me, so I have no way to go on or go around the error.
12/29/09 @ 06:51 pm
I think between Carl and myself we have installed it over 15 times easily. We get different results each time as he mentioned with errors that change depending on what time of day and if I boiled the moss from the right tree to make the magic brew correctly.
12/29/09 @ 07:07 pm
Comment from:
Thanks Chris. Please pray to the gods for me, I'll give it another go then!
12/29/09 @ 07:12 pm
It's good stuff isn't it Dennis.
12/29/09 @ 09:07 pm
Comment from:
It's provided entertainment for 2 solid days now. Better then any gadget..... Uninstalling again and trying again after a nice cleanup....
12/29/09 @ 09:14 pm
Comment from: Tim E. Brown
4 stars
This stuff is scaring me!!!! :)
12/30/09 @ 12:30 am
Comment from:
Me too Tim. My next attempt gave me the same error that I had in the update. I'm about to throw the towel and wait for a working version.....
12/30/09 @ 03:30 pm
Comment from: Ben Williams  
I had the same problem when installing the meeting server although I was installing a different server. I took a look at the systemouts and found for one of the deployment managers it was moaning about CPU starvation but there was very little else in the systemouts which point towards where the fault lies. I have upped the CPU and memory available to the VMWare image I am installing it on and will see how it flies. If it falls over again i will stop the Proxy server from running and try again.
12/30/09 @ 05:39 pm
Comment from:
I've opened a PMR. Had enough of trying.
12/30/09 @ 09:49 pm
Comment from: Ivan Limon
It happened to me too. I just increased the memory to the virtual machine (from 512mb to 1.25gb), uninstalled the WAS (from windows control panel), tried install again and it did work!! ... I Hope this help...
01/12/10 @ 09:01 pm
Comment from: Bernd Steidele
Hi Dennis, i have the same problem :-( Any news from IBM concering the PMR? Thank you
01/12/10 @ 10:47 pm
Comment from:
No news, other then that they commented that Domino 8.5.1 isn't supported. I'll update as soon as I know more. Ivan: I'll try your tip too!
01/13/10 @ 08:18 am
Comment from: Ivan Limon
I forgot: after I uninstalled the WAS, I deleted the folder where it was installed (..\Program Files\IBM\Websphere).. If you don't clean it the Installation Manager won't let you reinstall in the same path... Regards
01/13/10 @ 04:46 pm
Comment from: Ruediger Weitz
5 stars
I had the same issue (trying to install on VMWare Ubuntu 8.0.4) with 512MB in a virtual machine. After changing to 1.5GB the installation finished without problems. Looks like a low memory problem
01/20/10 @ 03:15 am
Comment from:
Not for me, I've upped the memory and tried again. Same result...
01/20/10 @ 08:09 am
I too am experiencing this error. First time, second time, third time. I'm using Windows 2003 R2 Enterprise in ESX 3.5. I have 2GB allocated to it and still having same issues. I try to go ahead but now having issues with LDAP config. Possibly because am trying to connect it to Domino 8.5.1. Will try to connect it to a Domino 8.5 server and see what happens. Extremely frustrating! I'll post any updates.
02/06/10 @ 08:14 am
I think I found a way to reliably install the ST System Console. This works on my system at any rate. During the DB2 installation I used the Local System account on W2k3 EE. Without AD installed no additional users can be created so even the users DB2 wants to create don't work. I also disabled OS Level Security. That seemed to be throwing an issue as well. Once DB2 installed fully, ran the createDb batch file from the STSC installation directory, waited for a few minutes until it finally completed. Checked the DB in the DB2 Control Center and verified it to be correct. Then proceeded with the Installation Manager (WebSphere) install and Sametime System Console. The install goes off without a hitch. I hope this helps someone else who has been getting the "Exception thrown, database not registered" errors post the (very long) WAS install. Any questions feel free to e-mail me.
02/08/10 @ 05:22 am
The only way to reliably install it is use a local admin account (keep the domain admin out). Infact even during the DB2 install use local admin account only
08/10/10 @ 11:00 am
I ran into this, while installing Sametime 8.5.2 in a virtualized environment. The issue was that one of the tablespaces in the STSC db (SP32) could not be read (happened for every db created). I ended up manually creating the DB and tablespaces and created the tables using the Systemconsole.ddl file and then reinstalled the system console
06/27/12 @ 02:21 pm

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