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Re: New websecurity feature in Domino 8.5?

  11/13/09 01:40 pm, by , Categories: Administration, Lotus, Quickr
In regards to my post about a week ago, I'd like to offer to solution myself. Read the original here: New websecurity feature in Domino 8.5?.

This behaviour originates in Quickr. Excerpt from the qpconfig.xml file:
      This section controls several security related settings..


        attribute   value    default  description
        =========   =====    =======  =========== 
        enabled     true               uses default and custom filters to check for XSS URL and data field attacks				
                    false    yes       uses only filters provided in qpconfig.xml, and only for URL attacks. 
                                       If none are specified, doesn't filter at all 


        attribute   value    default  description
        =========   =====    =======  =========== 
        enabled     true               compares NonceToken values found in URL and server session for URL attacks
                    false    yes       will not compare NonceToken values. 

Very nice IBM!! Full documentation here.
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