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Sore loser: Connie Sonne (JREF Challenge at TAM7)

  07/14/09 11:21 am, by , Categories: WooWooSceptic
After 1000 people watched her live, and 1700 watched her online via a live stream (I was watching too), she now claims to have been cheated when taking her preliminary test for the 1.000.000 dollar price.
She aggreed to the testing protocol and to the bindingness of the results. Her results where:

Hi out I know why Banacheck was "the card handler". I have been cheated. I did find the right cards. And there is one more thing. At the stage, Banacheck said to me BEFORE he even looked in the envelope I had cut...and here is spade ace, the one you looked for!!!! I first hit me now about that ....but maybe you can see it yourself if someone get the video. I don`t care about the money, that wasn`t the reason why I came. So no matter what you think out there......I was CHEATED!!!!!


Now there's a sore loser.

Repeat after me: dowsing is just a slight of hand technique. Watch here and here (a really good one ;) ) (test results show it's just as good as statistical chance
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Comment from: pakeha
5 stars
Great vids.
07/14/09 @ 03:51 pm
Comment from: Rob
5 stars
Connie is a textbook example of someone being totally self deluded.
04/28/11 @ 07:17 pm

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