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Upgrade woes and questions

  03/06/08 09:08 am, by , Categories: IBM, Lotus, Personal
This could become kind of a rant, but please read on.

Last october I quit my consultants job and started a job as a Notes/Domino & Websphere administrator at my current company.
Yesterday one of the developers gave a presentation on what he saw at lotusphere '08 and what we could do with that in the near future.
I helped him by setting up a 8.0.1 testserver with Sametime 8 and the Standard client. We created a quick little app based on what we read here.

He also showed Quickr and connections.

Our management however was not really impressed with the new features and didn't see the business benefit. Quickr was interesting, because we work with the clunky old teamrooms for external partners, but they didn't see the value in upgrading to 8.x (version to be defined) somewhere in the next year.

We do have to do something, as our clients are on 6.5.4 for which the support ends april next year. Our servers are on 7.0.2 (and some on 6.5.4 awaiting new hardware before upgrading).

On of the main points against upgrading is the fact dat we have >60% laptops in 22 different countries.

The option of losing the entire notesclient in favor of a fully webbased environment was also mentioned.
This I think could be the way to go.
Why keep messing around with major upgrade projects, when all you need is a webbrowser to work?

I can see a websphere portal server or portal site on domino, with portlets for email and the most used applications and no longer having the support for all the notesclients. Would this be a feasable option you think?

Our developers would like the 8.5 server for this, as it would contain the Dojo toolkit by default and new a webrendering engine.

Offcourse,there will be some development work involved, but I see this as a step into the future.
However the IT guy in me says: I really like the options of the new Notes 8 client, with widgets/feeds/composite apps....

How do "you" see this?
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Comment from: Elijah Lapson
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This argument tends to be cyclical. Organizations seems to go the route of everything needs to be on the web every few years. Then some CEO is stuck in the mountains without Internet access for a few days and says we need to be able to work off line. The past few years I have built most of my Domino applications with the browser in mind now with the new release I am starting to tip back towards client development. All that will change near future will be to PDA enable everything which is probably what I should be focusing on. :) Elijah
03/06/08 @ 04:01 pm

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